2021-01-28 | Milf Destroyed by 2 Cocks
Kelly Lee, All In

Kelly Lee is a very dirty Milf with giant tits who gets fucked by a newbie and a pro. Anal, Double Penetration, Gagging… Those guys will have fun with this lady.

BFFs Orgy
2021-01-21 | BFFs Orgy
Juicy Pearl, Samantha

Pegas Productions’ Pool Party 2009 starts with a wet T-shirt contest. Juicy Pearl can’t resist snacking on Stacy Shine inciting all the girls to join in a snatch licking fest.

2021-01-14 | A Family Affair
Ariana Skyy, Le Kid

Since I'm still a virgin, my dad asked his girlfriend to show me how to fuck. That turned him on so much, that he also decided to show me how to do it !

Amy Sweet is Gonna Get Some !
2021-01-7 | Amy Sweet is Gonna Get Some !
Amy Sweet, Shana Lane

Everyone knows... Amy Sweet loves to get fucked. When Shana and Gab has a mission to destroyed her, she gets off as hell !!!

4 on my Stepmother
2020-12-31 | 4 on my Stepmother
Nalaa Dufoxx, All In

A Dirty Milf with Big Tits who loves men invites herself to her neighbor’s party. The 4 musketeers are fucking her deep inside her pussy, her ass and even both at the same time!

Perverted Police
2020-12-24 | Perverted Police
Sarah Vickers, Alexia Henes

The Abusers get pulled over by the same policewoman that stopped Sarah (Pricy Ticket). She takes her revenge by making them do all kinds of kinky stuff before hauling them in.

Huge Flood in Saguenay
2020-12-17 | Huge Flood in Saguenay
Sunny Spark, Nicky Madisson

Do you remember that little white house during the flood in Saguenay ? Well, Sunny and Devo had a big threesome in it with lots of squirt everywhere. It's a second flood in Saguenay.

2020-12-10 | Avengers - A XXX Parody
Savana Styles, Lexington Steel

Dick Fury and Black Cuntary come together to control the sexy Psyfuck. After a memorable combat to take her virginity, the two heroes fuck the bad girl and she likes it so much so that she decides to enter the academy to become one of the Perverted Heroes.

Fuck Us Asshole !
2020-12-3 | Fuck Us Asshole !
Bella Knockers, Shana Lane

Bella Knockers wants to do Porn. Shana teaches her how to become a real whore. While she gets fucked by Gab, Bella Knockers gets it hardcore on Shana Lane orders.

2020-11-26 | Threesome at the Family Farm
Amanda Bellucci, Leena Rey

Two cousins from Beauce are getting banged hard on the family farm by their hot cousin Danny. It's not just the horses that are stallions.

2 Fantasies for the Price of One
2020-11-19 | 2 Fantasies for the Price of One
Ruby Fox, Cassandra Black

For her first porn scene, Ruby, a redhead that likes women, realize 2 fantasies at once : dominating a cute black chick and tasting a big cock for the first time.

2020-11-12 | A Fucking Outdoor Orgy
Kylee, Bella Venusia

At Pegas’s big bash, the drunken party turned into a huge orgy. The biggest ever filmed in Quebec : 29 actors, 4 HD cameras, more than 1h30, sun, booze and sex. Are you ready?

3Some Initiation
2020-11-5 | 3Some Initiation
Amy Sweet, Shana Lane

Coach Shana will show Amy Sweet how porn works in Quebec. In a threesome with Gabriel Clark, the two girls are spoiling themselves big titme.

Boat Orgy on the River
2020-10-29 | Boat Orgy on the River
Alysson Queen, Kathy Rose

People from Pegas Quebec are having a sex party on the St. Lawrence. It turns into a big orgy under the sun just like we're loving it.

Drunken Orgy
2020-10-22 | Drunken Orgy
Alexia Henes, All In

After a night of partying, 2 horny guys hook up with a drunken coed and film themselves fucking her.

2020-10-15 | Savana Styles Anal Threesome
Savana Styles, Bridget B.

Wow ! A French-Canadian in Los Angeles ! Savana Styles is treating us with an anal 3some with gorgerous Bridget B and Manuel Ferrara. Pegas is now International ! 

Lane Sisters Suck Hard !
2020-10-8 | Lane Sisters Suck Hard !
Shana Lane, Roxy Lane

The Lane Sisters love to suck the same guy. It's not because they're sisters that they can't eat the same thing ! :) 

I Fucked her while she was Sleeping
2020-10-1 | I Fucked her while she was Sleeping
Bonnie Lace, Mel Pharrel

A pervert wakes up the daughter of her girlfriend while she was sleeping in the same bed as her best friend because he wanted to have a quick fuck. Shh!

2020-09-24 | Threesome with Amy Lee and a Redhead
Amy Lee, Ginger Red

Vandal Vyxen and Foxy Prissy suck on their tits while watching the party from above. Dave XXX joins them and fucks them both in the ass. Lucky bastard!

The Lane Sisters – Family Feud
2020-09-17 | The Lane Sisters – Family Feud
Shana Lane, Roxy Lane

The Lane Sisters share everything… and everyone! Watch them fight over this male stripper’s big cock. He’s more than happy to satisfy the craving siblings. Look but don’t touch doesn’t apply.

2020-09-10 | Dont Wake up my Sister
Nicky Madisson, Tina Lee

After a party, a girl wakes up to her boyfriend who's fucking hard... Shh! Don't make a sound, your best friend is sleeping next to you... Oops! Too late! The other chick is awake and she also wants a a big cock! When there's enough for one, there's enough for two!

Double Penetration for my Cousin
2020-09-3 | Double Penetration for my Cousin
Rebecca Jolie, Nick The Grip Leykis

My cousin is a fucking slut. Before playing golf, my buddy and I gave her two holes-in-one !

2020-08-27 | What a Fuck Party !
Stacy Lady, Jessie Diamond

At the Pegas Beach Party 2010, Stacy and Jessy get their holes filled by Johny Boy. And demonstrate their signature move, the VolksVagina.

Sodomy on the Terrace
2020-08-20 | Sodomy on the Terrace
Vandal Vyxen, Foxy Prissy

Vandal Vyxen and Foxy Prissy suck on their tits while watching the party from above. Dave XXX joins them and fucks them both in the ass. Lucky bastard!

Like Father, Like Son
2020-08-13 | Like Father, Like Son
Zoe Zebra, All In

Just like our Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, there's some traditions passed on from father to their son. "All In" has his own vision about family traditions has he initiates his son to porn by fucking Zoe Zebra at the same time while giving him great tips. Both of them are ALL IN !!!

Nikki Prime in a Threesome
2020-08-6 | Nikki Prime in a Threesome
Nikki Prime, Émilie Martini

Nikki Prime and her friend Émilie Martini pick up a guy in Montreal and bring him home so that he can bang them. Some guys are lucky in life !